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  • cmg-test1, testing svn
  • Routing+, A simple router with a complex mind
  • gp13-axc, Android Ad Reader
  • Herding Sheep, This project is to design and implement a sheep herding game.
  • gp13-cah, A fruit machine game for iOS
  • Behaviour Based Robotics, Logo based Behaviour Robot implementing mower/cleaner behavior
  • HyVis, A real-time, educational visualisation of selection hyper-heuristics using HyFlex
  • The Football Facsimile, A real-time simulation of a football match using AI, realistic physics and a two-dimensional user interface.
  • A Phidget Notification System, Phidgets are a set of user friendly building blocks for low cost USB sensing and control from your PC.
  • gp13-jaa, A number puzzle generator capable of creating Link-a-Pix puzzles with unique solutions, solvable by a single player.
  • Student Workload Tracker, Student workload tracker
  • gp13-jqg, The Code Crush Saga: Educational games for teaching programming
  • Pocket Fridge, Our project is to develop an application to advocate sustainable shopping and minimizing food waste.
  • gp13-mfv, A facial recognition, annotation web tool
  • Twitter Processing Software, A research tool for collecting tweets
  • Rocket Mania!, Implementing a single player game called "Rocket Mania!" using Java
  • Project SciSearcher, Creating an advanced search engine for the scientific community.
  • EduCraft, Teaching Basic Maths using Minecraft & Collaboration between players
  • Visual Teacher, A visual teacher
  • PCAP Visualisation, PCAP Visualisation
  • 每天学中文, Chinese Learning Every Day
  • Moonlander, Creating an emulator for the GT40 to run on a modern tablet, that can then emulate the original Lunar Landing game.
  • Image Segmentation Tool, An image segmentation prototyping and evaluation tool for novices.
  • Jammed, This project will involve adding a GUI to the game Jammed
  • grp13-pxb, A test of using the site management

Managed Projects: 25

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