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The worry of routing has vanished. A simple router with a complex mind.


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Full set of user Requirements


Routing+ uses an existing routing solution, GraphHopper along with
Open Street Map data to create the personal routes in the shortest time.


Hang Chen
Peifeng Wang
Ryan Mc Corry
James Highfield
Fredric Etchells
Harry Mumford-Turner

Module Convener
Andrew J Parkes

Agenda and Minutes

Number Type Date Number Type Date Number Type Date Number Type Date
October November December January
Meeting 1 Group 08/Oct/13 Meeting 9 Group 05/Nov/13 Meeting 18 Tutor 03/Dec/13 Meeting 19 Group 14/Jan/14
Meeting 2 Tutor 08/Oct/13 Meeting 10 Tutor 07/Nov/13 Meeting 20 Tutor 16/Jan/14
Meeting 3 Group 15/Oct/13 Meeting 11 Group 08/Nov/13 Meeting 21 Group 21/Jan/14
Meeting 4 Tutor 17/Oct/13 Meeting 12 Tutor 12/Nov/13 Meeting 22 Tutor 23/Jan/14
Meeting 5 Group 22/Oct/13 Meeting 13 Group 14/Nov/13 Meeting 23 Group 28/Jan/14
Meeting 6 Tutor 24/Oct/13 Meeting 14 Tutor 19/Nov/13 Meeting 24 Tutor 04/Mar/14
Meeting 7 Group 29/Oct/13 Meeting 15 Group 21/Nov/13 Meeting 25 Group 03/Apr/14
Meeting 8 Tutor 31/Oct/13 Meeting 16 Tutor 26/Nov/13
Meeting 17 Group 28/Nov/13


Element Grade Deadline
Group Project Site 60% November 1 2013 4:30 pm
Interim reports 74% December 9 2013 4:30 pm
Final Group Report TBA April 4 2014 4:30 pm
Software TBA April 4 2014 4:30 pm
Open Day TBA April 9 2014
Presentation TBA April 11 2014
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