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Android Ad Reader

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Project Description

The android ad reader consists of two parts: an android app that will run on your phone or tablet which will allow the use to take a picture of an advert, which will then be sent to the second part, a web service, which will analyse the image and return back the company's details.

The user will also be able to save the details of the company for later lookup, and instead of using the camera the user can source an image from flickr or instagram to look for companies in photos that they or their friends have taken before.

Android App

The device is a mobile app that runs on Android and will allow the user to take a photograph of an advert, which it will then send to a web service where it will be analysed, with detected companies and their information being retrieved from the web service, and displayed to the user.

Server App

The server app will use Tesseract OCR to analyse the photo sent from the mobile device, looking for urls, postcodes, and phone numbers using regex the system will then return the positions of the adverts in the image, and the relevant company details to the app to be displayed.


We hold weekly meetings with our project supervisor Andy Crabtree where we discuss project progress and key points of interest.

Meeting 09/10/2013
Meeting 16/10/2013
Meeting 23/10/2013
Meeting 30/10/2013
Meeting 06/11/2013
Meeting 13/11/2013
Meeting 20/11/2013
Meeting 04/12/2013
Meeting 11/12/2013
Meeting 06/02/2013
Meeting 13/02/2013
Meeting 14/03/2013
Meeting 21/03/2013
Meeting 28/03/2013
Meeting 03/04/2013

Group Members

Martin Bounden - Team Lead
Matthew Wade - Technical Lead
Julijanas Jezov - UI Designer
Duc Huy Mai - Quality Assurance
Shanshan Xu - Programmer
Keqian Zhou - Editor

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