Herding Sheep

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Herding Sheep

Herding Sheep


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Project Description

Game Concept

The main objective of the sheep herding game is to use a sheepdog to track, capture and herd the sheep in the least amount of time as possible. Using the sheepdog (through keyboard controls) the user must navigate the sheep into the pen for successful completion of the game. The game will include a series of levels in which the minimal number of sheep captured per level will increase. Also the inclusions of obstacles and the time limit for sheep capture will add a certain level of complexity unseen in the majority of sheep herding games. The sheep herding game will be comprised of two games modes single player and two players.

Game Design

  1. Game Mode
    • Single Player Mode:

      1. The aim of this game mode is to score as highly as the player can before one of the losing states is met. The player gains points towards their total score by successfully herding white sheep into the pen. They can lose points by herding black sheep into the pen.
      2. The Single Player game mode incorporates random level generation; the generation is controlled by a series of parameters. This form of level generation means that the game is potentially endless.

      Two Player Mode:

      This allows two players to play against each other on one computer. The aim of the two player game mode is to be the fastest player to herd all of your allocated sheep into your pen. In the two-player mode you can interact with your opponents sheep, as well as being able to interfere with the opponent.

  2. Key Features
    • The game will have two game modes, Single player and two players. The game will have menus, which allow the user to navigate the game, select game modes, and view the scoreboard and change settings, such as turning on and off the sound. There will be several different sprites; the sprites that move will have animations. These sprites include:

      • Sheepdog
      • Sheep
      • Rocks
      • Walls
      • Holes
      • Walls

      There will also be a HUD presenting the player or players with relevant information, such as their score, the amount of time they have left, how long they have been playing in their current session, and lots more.

  3. Control
    • The game is to be played on any computer, which has a keyboard and also a full colour screen with a minimum resolution of 1024x576 pixels.
    • To interact with the game the player must use the keyboard. Menus within the game can be navigated with the keyboard, if the player also has a mouse they will also be able to interact with the menus with the mouse. Tthe player interacts with the sheepdog (the character they are controlling) using a keyboard.
    • In the two player game mode the players both control their respective sheepdog using different key combinations on the keyboard.
  4. Game Over Conditions
  5. The game over conditions includes the dog not capturing enough sheep in the set time required or in the event that the player allows sheep to escape. In the two player mode if a player collect more sheep than his opponent he will then be the winner.

Concept Art

Sketches below are used as visual reference for the game concept.

  • Single Player Mode
    • Level 1
    • Logo
  • Multiplier Mode
  • Logo

    Some Prototypes

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    Group Members


    Element Deadline
    Group Project Site November 1 2013 4:30 pm
    Interim reports December 9 2013 4:30 pm
    Final Group Report April 4 2014 4:30 pm
    Software April 4 2014 4:30 pm
    Open Day April 9 2014
    Presentation April 11 2014

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    Development Team
    Peter Blanchfield
    Qian Xu
    Happy Crew
    Brian S Logan
    Peter Blanchfield
    Yves Findlay
    Craig Duffin
    Edward Stell
    Zi Hao Tan
    Yiru Xiong
    Qian Xu
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