Behaviour Based Robotics

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Behaviour Based Robotics


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Our primary objective for this group project is to program a robot, which works in response to an artificially created environment. Specifically, this robot will need to work under an environment created by a projector, where it will move around until it detects “grass” or “dirt” on the floor and proceed to move towards these areas in order to “clean them up”. The robot also needs to avoid any physical obstacles during its task.

Several auxiliary tasks are necessary in order to complete the project: program the robot’s different behaviours, create an artificial environment for the robot, create the group project website, make the project report, and prepare for the open day stand and presentation. We’re programming the robot in Robot C, where we will incorporate several behavioural methods together in order for the robot to function sufficiently in our environment. Creating the environment is the next important aspect of the project, as it’s where we fully utilise our robot’s functionality; this means creating a series of obstacles and tracks that the robot can comprehend and respond to appropriately. We will use a camera and “blob detection” to monitor the robot’s movement and so the dirt/grass can be removed from the environment when applicable.


Day Time Location Formal or Informal
Tuesday 13:00 - 14:00 Robot Lab B85 Formal
Friday 11:00 - 15:00 Robot Lab B85 Informal
  1. 08/10/13
  2. 15/10/13
  3. 22/10/13
  4. 29/10/13


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us just click on your name!


  • Website of our project; stating our goals and our interpretation
  • Fully functional robot; behaves accordingly to its environment
  • User Interface; for projecting our environment and to monitor our robot.
  • Final report; to elucidate our entire project.
  • Open day stand & presentation; to demonstrate our work.
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