The Football Facsimile

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The Football Facsimile

Football Facsimile

Project Description

The Project

      As a group we are working on what we have dubbed the “Football Facsimile”, a project to recreate the game of football as a fully independent computer simulation. Our aim is to be as make our system as complete as possible; using a top down perspective our simulation will play out in real time with all involved elements observable behaving in a realistic manner, with the goal of being instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with the game of football.

      A match will commence upon a user using a start command. It will run for a set amount of “cycles”, or instants in which each active agent (player) will decide on and execute their next course of action. The match will consist of many thousands of these, and each should take as little time as possible, if order to keep the match looking fluid and organic.

      Each agent will be made to be as “human” as possible. This involves implementing factors such as a field of view and differing moving speeds, as well as assigning player roles, and with them behaviours. This will prevent each match devolving into every player on the pitch making a beeline for the ball at all times keeping the match interesting and, more importantly, realistic. While our graphical constraints dictate that players can only be represented as two-dimensional moving circles we aim to, through well considered behaviour design and coding, give the game a sense of aliveness and excitement akin to a real game.

      All standard rules of the game apply to Football Facsimile. Offside can occur, balls exiting the playable field will result in throw-ins, corners or goal kicks. When a player meets an opposing player dribbling the ball chance will determine whether a successful or unsuccessful tackle will take place, or a foul, in which case standard yellow/ red cards will be applied to players and free kicks/ penalties will take place. The usual flow of an official football match, from centre kicks starting the game and following each goal to a geometrically accurate football pitch, will be kept as true to the game as possible. Victory will of course be awarded to the team scoring most goals, if the match finishes as a draw the victor will be decided through penalties.

The Technology

      As a group we decided to make the game run on windows machines at scalable resolution so that it can be displayed on the widest variety of easily available machines. The system itself will be coded in Java, using LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library). Although all of our team have experience with AI, game programming and Java we expect this project to challenge and teach us a great deal more!

A screenshot of our current prototype showing agents actively pursuing a target.



  1. 01/10/13 - 1October.tex
  2. 07/10/13 - 7October.tex
  3. 09/10/13 - 9OctoberI.tex
  4. 09/10/13 - 9OctoberF.tex
  5. 14/10/13 - 14October.tex
  6. 16/10/13 - 16October.txt
  7. 23/10/13 - 23OctoberF.tex
  8. 30/10/13 - 30OctoberF.tex
  9. 06/11/13 - 6NovemberF.tex
  10. 14/11/13 - 14NovemberF.tex

Compilation of reports (pdf)

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