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The code in this repository is a mirror of our git repo:

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Link-a-Pix Puzzles!

The purpose of this project will be to create and implement a number puzzle generator capable of creating Link-a-Pix puzzles with unique solutions, solvable by a single player. Further development may also see support for other similar game types such as Fill-a-Pix.

We created a low-fidelity but functioning proof of concept to demonstrate how the gameplay of these Link-a-Pix puzzles plays out for the end user.

Link-a-pix Proof of Concept

The puzzles work by having many differently numbered blocks (optionally of different colours), which the player or person attempting the puzzle must gradually connect to reveal a larger, fuller picture. A finished puzzle may have a result something like this:

Link-a-pix real world example

The problem has quite a few elements that we will need to implement, made all the more difficult by a requirement for platform cross-compatibility. For this reason we are currently looking at HTML5 and JavaScript to implement our puzzles and the solving systems.

The user solving/game playing

The ability for the player to select a puzzle, and have a crack at solving it. We will need to develop a UI that works across all major browsers and platforms that allows a player to attempt to complete the puzzle by linking up all the numbered blocks.

AI auto-solving of puzzles

We are also developing an AI auto-solver for the puzzles that, if the user requests it, will be able to complete the puzzle and show the solution to the user.

Auto-generation of puzzles from bitmap images

We want to allow users to be able to upload or select a picture of their choice, and have an algorithm that divides up the bitmap and converts it into a block puzzle for them to attempt to solve afterwards, or pass on to friends/others to attempt to solve.



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