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Most students experience periods of time in their studies when academic workload feel overwhelming. This might be due to a variety of reasons from not adequate time management to perhaps even the concentration of workload and deadlines. Of course there are also periods of time when things might feel much more relaxed but it is not easy to work in anticipation for assignments due in the future.

Expected outcome of this project

The goal of this project is to develop a computer system for helping students to track the real time that they spend in their academic assignments. The tool could have a social perspective so that students can share their experience so that a more realistic picture of the time needed to complete assignments. The tool could then be used by students and perhaps also academic staff to achieve a better planning and management of student academic workload.

The Concept

The concept of this project is to create a program that logs, analyses and then presents data on students and the time they spend on different academic assignments. The application is supposed to be non-intrusive so that students are not dissuaded from having it running in the background.

  • The application will have the user report hours spent on each assignment individually and then present them in a graphical and tabular format.
  • The application will also allow users to compare time spent in a tabular and graphical format, graphs will be implemented using pChart.
  • The application will be implemented using PHP and CSS for the front end of the program.

The data for the program will be stored in SQL databases.

In addition to this there is to be a navigable menu system and navigation bar to assist the user in accessing the site and entering details.

Later features that will be added if the implementation is sufficiently stable are a mobile web app, because it is less complicated to implement then a standalone application.

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