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The Code Crush Saga: Educational games for teaching programming

Project Description

In September 2014, Computer Science GCSE was introduced into Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum.
This means that 14-16 year olds must learn the fundamentals of computer science, including learning how to program.
In the related educational literature, there are a number of different methods suggested to give young people their first taste of programming.
This has led to the development of programming frameworks designed for these novice programmers. This includes ALICE, Scratch and Greenfoot.
As an alternative it is suggested that educational games can be useful in teaching elementary computer science to school pupils including Code Hero and its syntax-shooting code gun.
The focus of this group project is to develop an educational game to help with the teaching of computer science at Key Stage 4.
The devised game will be puzzle based and will introduce learners to the basic components of input/output, control structures and the basics of object orientation. There is some flexibility as to which platform will be used for the game's development, but it is envisioned currently on a traditional platform due to classroom equipment availability.
The game should introduce learners to the beauty of programming through a fun, engaging and interactive experience.


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