Rocket Mania!

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Rocket Mania!

Rocket Mania!

The project involves implementing a single player game called Rocket Mania!

Rocket Mania gameplay


    Rocket Mania was a game originally published by PopCap games in August 2003. The objective of the game is to connect the lit matches on the left side of the board to the rockets on the right side. This is done by rotating the tiles between them. If you manage to set off more than one rocket at a time by having them each connected you get bonus points. Each fuse piece that is directly or indirectly connected to a match disappears after a rocket has launched. After the fuse disappears, the tiles above them fall down and more tiles are spawned at the top of the board.

    We are focusing on getting the game to run with a basic GUI to start with. We will also make the game playable by a human before we implement the AI to solve the game. We created a UML diagram to show how the project will be constructed and so a class could be assigned to each member of the group. Everybody in the group has experience with Java so we decided that would be the best language to use. Because the game is being written in Java it means that the game will be available on multiple operating systems.

    As an added bonus to this project we will be creating AI to solve the game. This could be used in many ways. For example, if the player gets stuck they could be given hints by the AI. We decided to add the AI to make the project more challenging and to add something extra to the game we are recreating, Rocket Mania!

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