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Project SciSearcher

Project SciSearcher




  • What is Bibliographic database?
    A bibliographic database is a database of bibliographic records, an organized digital collection of references to published literature, including journal and newspaper articles, conference proceedings, reports, government and legal publications, patents, books, etc. In contrast to library catalogue entries, a large proportion of the bibliographic records in bibliographic databases describe articles, conference papers, etc.

  • What our group concentrated on is the most central publications within a scientific community.

  • About our project:
    Design an efficient way for clients to figure our useful scientific research papers according to significant degree.

  • Plan:
    We are writing a modified version of the PageRank algorithm this will allow us to gauge the importance of individual papers and assign it a solid value, coupling this with our clustering analysis and algorithms we can sort through large amounts of data and easily apply category and rank. Therfore enabling us to serve up results dependent on a users queries, which are important and relevant to the information that is being desired.

  • Challenges:
    Our project is going to require great team coordination and a deep understanding of many elements of the project for all members of the team. We are creating a full stack application therefore our biggest tasks include: Learning and applying clustering and graph search algorithms on large scale batches of data, linking together all layers from database, linking to the front end with all parts being built coherently. We also must heavily consider the UX to create an engaing and easy to interface for the end user.

We will realize it by:

1. graph algorithms
2. clustering algorithm
3. pagerank algorithm
4. web-based user interface
5. database e.g.Citeseer



  1. Minutes-9-Oct-2013.doc
  2. Minutes-16-Oct-2013.doc
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  4. Minutes-30-Oct-2013.doc
  5. Minutes-6-Nov-2013.doc
  6. Minutes-13-Nov-2013.doc
  7. Minutes-20-Nov-2013.doc
  8. Minutes-27-Nov-2013.doc
  9. Minutes-4-Dec-2013.doc
  10. Minutes-11-Dec-2013.doc
  11. Minutes-18-Dec-2013.doc
  12. Minutes-25-Dec-2013.doc
  13. Minutes10-20-Feb-2014.doc
  14. Minutes11-20-Feb-2014.doc
  15. Minutes13-6-Mar-2014.doc
  16. Minutes14-13-Mar-2014.doc
  17. Minutes15-20-Mar-2014.doc


  • Group Project Site
  • Interim Group Report
  • Final Group Report
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