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Visual Teacher

Visual Teacher (PowerPoint + a bit)


Project Description

Our project involves working with a client who is interested in finding a more dynamic teaching tool. Among the contemporary teaching software, PowerPoint is the most well-known and most commonly used. Traditionally, teaching sessions are presented in a linear fashion as a result of using PowerPoint. The visual teacher, a temporary name for the target software, attempts to break away from the linear slide by slide fashion of PowerPoint in a way which allows for a dynamic presentation of the teaching material in a fluid way. Situations in which this may apply could be to aid in class discussion, or the making of a point using a visual during a presentation using additional material outside of the already prepared material.

The aim of the software is to provide extra features to current tools that are already familiar to most teachers. In this case, a PowerPoint file can be regarded and used as the resource of slides display. In addition, the software offers links to external database that are pre-defined by users. It allows users to reorganize matters when being interrupted under unexpected situations and quickly retrieve the material he or she thinks are suitable for further explanation from the database built ahead or directly from the Internet. The said database is basically a repository belongs to the user. The visual teacher can search for materials by taking one or several key words as input, then displays possible entries in the order of relevance. To achieve such goal, the database needs to be modified and update by the user, the function of which is also provide by the visual teacher.


  • Group Project Site - [Initial Site - Complete, November 1st 2013]
  • Interim Group Report - December 9th 2013 [In Progress]
  • Final Group Report - April 4th 2014
  • Software - [In Progress, To be completed by April 4th 2014]
  • Open Day - April 9th 2014
  • Presentation - April 11th 2014

Road Map

  • Open PowerPoint + Simple GUI - [Initial Stage Completed, Nov 12 2013]
  • Tag and Search with SQL Database [In Progress]
  • ...

  • Final Software - [In Progress, April 4th 2014]

Minutes of Meeting


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