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This project will involve adding a GUI to the game Jammed.

A screenshot from the original game, Jammed:

Jammed picture


Jammed is a third-person action shooter, created by a former Nottingham student, in which the player controls an alien life-form who has one mission- to rule Planet Earth. In order to do this, the player must defeat enemies across a variety of levels, vanquishing rival aliens who seek to protect the planet. Can you secure World Domination?

Expected Project Outcome

The game was originally developed in C++ using the popular library for 3D graphics, OpenGL. There are some problems with the game, such as lack of a GUI, poor menu system and bad camera controls. This project will improve on the game by adding a functional yet attractive GUI (implemented via JavaFX), along with a menu system, including an options menu, and an additional pause feature. What the GUI will include:

  • Health/status bar of the player; this will be displayed more prominently and clearly than the original one, with an emphasis on good presentation
  • Number of enemies left alive in the level
  • A picture of the face of the playable character, which will change to reflect the amount of damage that has been taken (similar to the face system used in Doom I and II)

This will all be presented in an appealing yet utilitarian format.

The options menu will include volume controls, video resolution and choice of level. This can be accessed midway through the game and will consequently pause the game while the player interacts with the menu.

Group Members

This project will be done solely by Joseph Shawcroft, with Dr Bai Li as project supervisor. The original game was created by Robert Parren.


November 11th, 2014

Alien Picture

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